Stop Roxhill

Who to contact:

Details of the proposed development can be found on Roxhill's website:

Anyone wanting raise objections to this proposal can also  contact the Planning Inspectorate via  Email:

or write to   The Planning Inspectorate 3D Eagle Way, Temple

Quay House, 2 The Square, Bristol BS1 6PN quoting reference TRO50006-000005

As the decision on this proposal will be made at government level and for political reasons - the most effective way of commenting is through the two Members of Parliament for this area. Chris Heaton Harris (MP for Daventry) and Andrea Leadsom (MP for South Northamptonshire)

The actual site is in the Daventry Constituency but the main Environmental impact is on Nene Valley in the South Northamptonshire Constituency.

"No one makes a bigger mistake than those who do nothing because they

think they can only do a little"

Edmund Burke 1729 - 1797

Want to help?

The Roxhill proposal (and the adjoining proposal by Ashfield Land) would transform the local area from a tolerable balance of urban development and open countryside - into a traffic clogged, industrial wasteland.
It can only be stopped by local people continually stepping forward with reasoned argument based on established planning guidelines. If the the strict principles of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) are followed, it is unlikely that these proposals would succeed.

If you can help in any way  - delivering leaflets - collecting petition signatures - writing to decision makers - supporting events - spreading the word on social media - then please get in touch with any of the following:

Stop Roxhill 'Northampton Gateway' in Roade -            Alastair Inglis

Stop Roxhill 'Northampton Gateway' in Milton Malsor - Brian Sumpton

Stop Roxhill 'Northampton Gateway' in Collingtree -     Rod Sellers

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